Washington, D.C.

Marketing Intern

Riverside, C.A.


Nashville, T.N.

Magazine Writer

Nashville, T.N.

News Writer

Nashville, T.N.

Music Journalist


Artist, Songwriter, Pianist

Riverside, C.A.

Social Media Manager

Work with Me

I'm an independent rock artist. I'm a songwriter. I see moments turning into songs, and songs telling stories. I tell my own story through my songs. I tell other's stories through music coverage pieces, press releases, website content, bios. I think it all works together and I don't find that compartmentalizing the facets of our lives helps us be any more whole. 

I've always loved music. I've always loved writing. I engage in both fields in so many different ways. I want to clearly represent emotion - whether its anger, confusion, hope, fear, love, joy - they all have a place and they all contribute to our individual messages as people, creators and artists. 

So I hope you'll listen to my music, and maybe find that an emotion I experienced and wrote a song about connects with you and helps you feel less alone, and if you're interested in having me help tell your story - whether that be in the form of a new bio, or a press release for your upcoming single, or a feature article on one of the outlets I write for - I say, lets do it! I'm also booking shows as an indie artist - so if you want to play together, let's make it happen. I think there's going to be a place for us to find a collaboration that works, and I'm looking forward to it. 

I'll get back to you soon!